Frequently Asked Questions

What is zero inch tolerance?

Valley Enterprises’ main objective is the reduction in liabilities for our clients. Zero inch tolerance accounts are serviced with dedicated equipment and personnel, to achieve the highest level of winter safety, for patrons on any size property.

When it snows, how will my property be serviced?

During moderate to heavy snowfall accumulations, and depending on your agreement’s scope of work, your property will be continuously plowed and shoveled in a rotation with equipment and employees. Rotations are generally between 3 and 4 hour cycles. Typically, de-icing services will commence and or resume once a majority of snow accumulation has been plowed and it is reasonable to expect that the salt will create a bare and wet surface condition. With respect to storms that produce accumulation over a longer period of time (4+Hrs or more of continuous snowfall), multiple chemical applications may be necessary.

When do you use salt?

Unless your agreement says otherwise, accumulations less than one inch will be treated with chemical applications.

How do you handle snow left in parking spaces from the daytime?

When a plowable day time event has concluded, we will return overnight (when occupancy is at its lowest level) and resume plowing and salting in areas that may have been obstructed by parked cars, tractor/trailers and etc.

Will you check my site for freeze back or monitor overnight for ice that may have formed?

All threats of ice will be monitored and chemically treated as needed. Scenarios include melting of piles from warmer temperatures and freeze back when colder temps return.

Why pre salt?

Pre salting – prevents a bond between snow and pavement. Whenever there is a threat of snow or ice accumulation, prior to morning lunch or evening rush hour, a pre-salt application may be utilized to sustain safe pavement conditions throughout these busy time periods.

How much insurance do you carry?

We are a fully licensed and insured snow removal company.  We carry up to a $6,000,000.00 umbrella policy and all of our employees are all covered by worker’s compensation.

Will you repair any damage from the Plows and Salt?

Should damage occur due to negligence, we repair or replace it accordingly. All agreements outline this and protect both contractor and purchaser.