About Us

Valley Enterprises, Inc. are Experts in Snow Removal and Asphalt Paving

Valley Enterprises, Inc. is a Chicago area contractor that provides commercial snow removal and asphalt paving  services. Ours is a team that is expertly trained to do the job right the first time. Valley Enterprises, Inc. stays current on the latest advances in technology for snow removal, asphalt paving, milling, and resurfacing.

Always Adapting & Improving Our Process To Increase Efficiency & Time

Valley Enterprises Inc. has partnered with our sodium chloride distributor in an attempt to reduce chloride’s at our clients properties “going green”. Valley Enterprises Inc. now has the capacity to utilize an enhanced magnesium chloride brine (MgCi2) that is vastly different than other magnesium based enhanced products.

When used as an anti-icer, the enhanced melting capacity of this product provides longer cycle times between routes before snow pack buildup and allows for improved removal with simple plowing, thus allowing the reduction in Sodium Chloride to remove ice and snow residue. When used as a de-icer, this brine solution provides the ultimate in melting performance versus other liquid products.

Our overriding objective is to provide safe parking areas and walkways for all of our clients. We recognize that reducing wintertime liability is a foremost concern with commercial and corporate businesses.

Our high quality snow removal and ice control services work to keep your lots ice and snow free with the potential for 100% parking capacity. Now that’s a profitable partnership!

Extensive planning – Careful execution – Prompt, reliable service
Experienced and knowledgeable staff – Reducing liability
Meteorological consultant – Personalized quotes, per push, time & material, seasonal

Commercial Snow Removal

Valley Enterprises, Inc. will expertly handle your snow and ice managment needs. We remove any anxiety about managing snow and ice by finishing work right on schedule and in-budget, all without sacrificing quality of service. Our own professional meteorologists make sure that Valley Enterprises, Inc. is on top of things by using sophisticated technology to watch climate conditions. Our qualified teams are geared up, proactive, and outfitted  for the Chicago area’s demanding winters.

Asphalt Paving

Our service and commitment to quality is unsurpassed. We can serve every kind asphalt need for any building industry, including parking lots of any size, and unique surfacing needs for any type of project. We serve the greater Chicago area, and our experience as an asphalt contractor and paving company is second to none. We are committed to serving you, our valued customer.